The introduction of Joomla! 3.7 saw brand new possibilities in the form of custom fields. Now, website admins can add their own fields to articles, user profiles and other components without any coding needed at all. The new fields can be filtered by user access and category, and allow Joomla site owners t customise the core Joomla component to meet their own specific use cases.

Joomla introduced a bevvy of its own custom field types which will cover many requirements, but it seemed to us that Joomla users could benefit from having geodata solutions ajax-driven dropdowns in their sites by adding out own custom fields plugin.

Things were pretty tough at the start. Because the new plugin types were so new, there was very little documentation on how it was done, but with help from Joomla forums, we got there.

The fields plugin is due to be completed at the end of June and should be hitting the Joomla Extension Directory a week or two after that.

We're pleased than in less than a month, Joomla users will be able to have reliable, clever and customisable dropdowns integrated into their articles and user profiles.

When the plugin is released, we'll follow up with a full article demonstrating how it works, and giving some examples of hoe Joomla site owners might find it useful.