We're thrilled that over 500 websites around the world use our service every single day. It allows them to get the location dropdowns as a web service or use the API rather than have to keep their own location database- we think it makes sense.

But the world keeps changing, and it takes time to keep our location database up to date, and that's why we're asking our much-appreciated users to help keep this service up-to-date and free for any application owner that needs it.

Here are our costs:

$114 - Monthly hosting costs to keep the service up and running

$150 - Approximate costs for an update to a single country (updating cities and populations, new additions, etc) in time for database management. Multiply this by the 220 countries we cover, and you know we have a massive task!

We're asking our users- who save time and energy by using our service- to donate what they can to the upkeep of the service.

Thank you for your support.