Grouping and ordering

You might like to group the items in your country dropdown by continent. You might like to have cities ordered by their relative populations. All you need to do is add class names to your dropdown lists and our system will present your lists just as you require.

Setting defaults

You may like to have certain options pre-selected to save people time. This makes sense if you know the country where most of your visitors live. You may even choose to use a visitor's IP address to predict from where they're viewing your site, and pre-select the country accordingly. These little touches make the lists a bit easier to use, and makes them a little more personal.

Limiting and filtering

There are lots of times where you might like to cut down on the options available. If you sell products internationally, but have a few countries that are 'off-limits', then you can exclude them from the countries presented. Similarly, if the list of cities being presented is too long, you can choose to limit results to cities over the certain population, 5000 for example.