You can make requests to the Geodata Solutions web service through the RESTful API

  • URL

  • Method:

    GET | POST 

  • URL Params


    country = [alphanumeric] - this is the name of the country (2 letter country code accepted)

    state=[alphanumeric] - this is the name of the state

    city=[alphnumeric] - this is the name of the city

    orderby=[options: alpha , rand, pop (population)] - the order in which records should be returned

    limit[numeric] - limit the number of records returned

  • Success Response:

    json responses

  • Error Response:

    Currently simple error messages - error codes to be added

  • Sample Call: URI

  • Notes:

  • The system hase been opened up for unauthenticated use - no registration, API keys or password for requests required. No limits at the moment. You can use the

  • To see sample output from the system to to the RESTful API Demo
  • Please contact Andy for bug reports and feedback